Research into converging ecologies by researchers from IT University Copenhagen

About Investigations

Investigations is an art&science research project at the IT- University Copenhagen lead by Associate Professor Laura Beloff.

The project involves various bottom-up explorations: investigations into Danish cloned Christmas trees and experimenting with their altered living conditions, further development and exploration with the Fly Printer, testing possibilities for bubble structures in PDMI with liquid handling robot, ideas developed for coding of growing trees with carbon-14, and more.

All these experiments deal with hybrid matter - a matter that has an ability to connect digital/technological with biological conceptually and/or concretely.

The initial starting point for the explorations is to speculate on human intentionality concerning biological matter and technological matter. For example, few of the experiments  place a manipulation of biological matter parallel with AI and technology - all directed to and from human perspective.

These experiments have so far involved various persons at ITU. Many of the experiments have been thought and developed together with Jonas Jørgensen (currently a phd candidate at ITU). For example the work with cloned Christmas trees 'The Condition' is a collaboration between Beloff & Jørgensen.

Other persons that have supported these experiments practically or through advice include, so far... Katrine Lund, Simon Asger Gjerløv-Christensen, Christian Ravn Brems, Sebastian Risi, Jørn Lambertsen, Kjell Pedersen, Malena Klaus, Farzad Nejatimoharrami, Andres Faina, Frank Veenstra, Kasper Støy, and all the people who have been or are part of the REAL-group.



Research into converging ecologies by researchers from IT University Copenhagen