Research into converging ecologies by researchers from IT University Copenhagen

Additional activities

On this page I collect a selection of talks and texts that are related to my participation in the Hybrid Matters project, and which directly relate (in one way or another) to my output from the Hybrid Matters project at ITU. - Laura Beloff


FEATURED - The Condition is featured by Regine Debatty in connection to Hybrid Matters exhibition in Forum Box Helsinki (November - December 2016)

REVIEW by Helsingin Sanomat 7.12. 2016 

The Fly Printer - Extended is exhibited at OPEN FIELDS Exhibition, National Library, Riga LV >> September 29 – November 2, 2016 


REVIEW by Sophea Lerner

REVIEW by Regine Debatty / we-make-money-not-art

October - Latvian news:


September 2016:

Aarhus University - invited lecture for the Posthuman Aesthetics Group together with Erich Berger.

July 2016:

The Fly Printer - Extended was presented as a poster by Malena Klaus in the conference 2016 in Vienna 18th - 20th July. Here is the poster.

One public posting/opinion on Hybrid Matters exhibition

June 2016:

Christian Brems interviewed by Italian radio channel on the work Dialogue with 02.205 : Questa settimana su NOW Radio #17 - incontriamo CHRISTIAN BREMS.

Talking at Finnish Embassy in Copenhagen about my research interests and outcomes of Hybrid Matters-project. Event organized together with Nordic Cultural Fund and Finnish Embassy. Other talks by Erich Berger (Bioart Society), Maria Tsakiris (NKF), Benny Marcel (NKF), Andreas Brøgger (Nikolaj Kunsthal) and welcome by Finland's Ambassador Ann-Marie Nyroos.

Presenting the Hybrid Matters exhibition to Nordic network of the Nordic Cultural Fund together with Andreas Brøgger (Nikolaj Kunsthal), Erich Berger (Bioart Society) and Maria Tsakiris (NKF).

May 2016:

Presenting a full paper at ISEA 2016 Hong Kong together with Jonas Jørgensen - on 'The Condition' work.

Presenting at ISEA 2016 Hong Kong a work-in-progress / artist talk on the 'Fly Printer - Extended', which is a verison with DNN system. The work is developed in collaboration with Malena Klaus.

March 2016:

Talking at Aalborg University to Media Arts Cultures students 'Hybrid Matters –ecologies between biological and technological'

October 2015:

Presenting at 'RENEWABLE FUTURES 2015 - Transformative Potential of Art in the Age of Post-Media' Conference in Riga. My presentation - 'Towards the era between postnatural and post-technological'.



A full paper for ISEA 2016 Hong Kong together with Jonas Jørgensen - 'The Condition - Towards Hybrid Agency'

ITU student Malena Klaus developed the software for the 'Fly Printer - Extended' as 7.5 ECTS student-project and submitted a well-written report on it. Some parts of the report are found in the Fly Printer posting. Supervisors: Sebastian Risi and Laura Beloff Fall-semester 2015, extension to March 2016.


FEW VISITOR TALKS at ITU related to Hybrid Matters project:

October 2015:

Jens Iver Find - the christmas tree researcher from KU - Copenhagen University. Talk: 'Design biology: Integration of biotechnology, robots and visualisation technology for development of automated mass production of elite trees.'

August 2015:

Orkan Telhan - Sweet Machines and Phantom Tastes

Research into converging ecologies by researchers from IT University Copenhagen